segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

There is a second heart in my mind

What if I tell you that I’m sick of being always looking for someone when in fact I know that my deepest feelings belongs to you?
And instead of proclaim them more once to you, I’m afraid of which words I’ll hear from your mouth. I catch me wondering about what would happen if the things were different. Would you be still my secret or I wouldn’t have secrets for you?
What If you ever hadn’t ask me to move on and try to forget you? Would I have tried once more? Cause after all this time, I’ve lied to my heart about you and every time I see you he says there is something hurting him. I’m afraid of this… me writting about feelings and at the same time you feeling something reciprocal, but in the same doubdt. And we will keep moving our lives as if had nothing between us, always finding the wrong person, hurting our hearts and looking for each other to hear warm words. I’m not sure about what I whould do if someone hurt you, knowing that I whould never do the same, and that your tears could be my fault just because I never told you that I’m still in love with you.

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